scrap segment two of south highway

Posted Friday, March 16 2012 by Sumiah Singh via email

What Debe to Mon Desir residents really want.

There seems to be a serious misconception by members of the public and some media personnel. Some
believe that members of the Highway Reroute Movement and residents of the communities between Debe
and Mon Desir want to stop the construction of the highway to Point Fortin.

“Nothing is further from the truth.” “This is certainly not the case.” Mr Singh goes on to explain.
“In 2005, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago had embarked upon a highway extension project into the south-west region of the country. This involves the construction of two highways (two sections). One highway runs from San Fernando (along the Mosquito Creek, to St Mary’s Junction, to Mon Desir to La Brea) and ultimately to Point Fortin.
The second highway runs from Golconda to Debe (through the communities of Ghandi Village, Bunsee Trace, Suchit Trace, Gopie Trace, Tulsa Trace, Banwarie Trace, Jokhan Trace, San Francique Main Road, Murray Trace, Timital Trace, Siparia Old Road, Fyzabad Main Road, Pepper Village, Monteil Trace, Seelal Trace) and then to Mon Desir. There are therefore two segments to the second highway: Segment 1- Golconda to Debe and Segment 2: Debe to Mon Desir.

The Highway Reroute Movement and residents of the Debe to Mon Desir communities are in full support of the highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin. They understand (sic)(as I’m sure all of Trinidad and Tobago) that
Point Fortin has needed this highway for decades and they are finally getting it. No one in their right mind would want to deprive the residents of Point Fortin from having this highway!

The residents of Debe to Mon Desir are lobbying against the Debe to Mon Desir segment of the second highway. They want this segment re-routed, so as to save and protect their homes and communities. This segment is completely separate and independent of the first highway which runs to Point Fortin. This therefore means that re-routing this segment of the highway does not, in any way, compromise the construction of the highway to Point Fortin.

The Debe to Mon Desir segment of the second highway is expected to be the most expensive, costing about four billion dollars.

If our Government listens to the residents of Debe to Mon Desir and re-route this segment, they can make better use of the four billion dollars by putting that money towards the fixing of all roads and recovery of all tertiary roads in the Debe to Mon Desir area.
They can even put money towards the construction of a Point Fortin Hospital, an essential facility for the borough. In other words, if our Government re-routes the Debe to Mon Desir segment, the residents of Point Fortin can benefit two fold — by gaining a much needed highway and a much needed hospital, while the people of Debe to Mon Desir get to save their communities, their homes, their lands and their way of life.
Conclusion: Everyone is happy!

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